Haori Gown-Brown-

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【 Yukata room wear haori gown separate obi帯 】
2000 yen OFF for a 3-piece set!

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※Due to its popularity, additional production is in progress.、Scheduled to be delivered after early March。

Anyway light but warmく

Not a haori of Japanese clothes、Luxuriously using the materials used for the wool coat of clothes
Finished in a design that suits your mood。

Luxurious use of Bishu wool, one of the world's three largest wool producing areas用。

It feels like you're not wearing it in your room。

Make sure to wear it with your yukata room wear.を

Please enjoy  


【 Size free sizeイズ)

Length 75 cmm

Sleeve length 70 cmm

Bust 136 cmm


【 Material】

Wool 88%

Nylon 10%

Other 2%