It's cooler and more beautiful than cute.
I want room wear that makes my body look beautiful
Because it's something you wear in your private time when you're relaxed
I want to be particular about comfort and materials.
Nanafu's products are made from the designer's thoughts.


Yukata room wear 3 commitments 

1. Luxurious use of high-class materials Using domestic fabrics, sewing, processing, all made in Japan, pursuing outstanding comfort and elegant silhouette with craftsmen, making each one carefully I will continue.

 2. Easy to put on and take off by anyone "Yukata Room Wear" is designed to be easy and easy for anyone to wear for everyday use.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about wearing a yukata!

Just tie the string in two places with the image of a hot spring inn, and finally tie the obi with a butterfly to make a beautiful decision.

 3. Comfortable print name

Instead of the brand name on the neck of traditional clothes, the backrest has a print name.

The corners of the woven name around the neck are stressful, so I chose the print name so that you can wear it comfortably as room wear.

Like the yukata, the backrest is made of 100% cotton, so you can absorb night sweats and spend your time comfortably.

December 01, 2020 — satokeita